We are

Founded 2020

Saudade is a sustainability and wellness studio focused on building the next generation of products & services to solve the biggest challenges faced in these spaces today. We aim to achieve this through a mix of building our own or collaborating & providing our services to other start-ups.

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Our Services

We offer an end-to-end service product development service taking you from market research & UI/UX design all the way to developing and launch of the final product.

Previous Projects


A student circular economy marketplace for the sale of unwanted second-hand items. Built to encourage users to exchange their old goods with as little CO2 emitted as possible.


Over 5 tonnes of waste related to printers goes to landfill each year. Printt aims to solve this problem by creating a network of public printers anyone can use instead of buying & throwing away their home printer.

The Team

James Campbell is the Director of Saudade Studios. He's been building things ever since he was 8 and has over 13 years experience researching, developing and launching digital products for both the web & mobile.

Products he has built have won multiple awards as well as feature on the App Store, TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Chatbot Magazine.